Mass Passes

Currently, in response to the current COVID 19 crisis, Government/HSE regulations limit the number of Mass participants to 50 people.
Both Oranmore and Maree Church can accommodate 50 people while still observing the ‘2 metre’ social distancing rule.
However, the obligation to participate in Mass remains suspended for all the faithful.
Those who are in any way vulnerable or susceptible to illness should not participate in public Mass until the COVID 19 situation further improves.
Each participant will need an individual MASS PASS for each weekend and weekday Mass.
MASS PASSES can be booked for Mass in Oranmore or in Maree by phone or email.

MASS PASS number: 083 0902242
MASS PASS email:
Please do not use our Parish Office phone / email to arrange MASS PASSES.
This phone and email will be attended from Monday to Friday – 10am to 4pm
While phone or email is preferable, MASS PASSES will also be available at the Oranmore and Maree Parish Office during office hours.
For Mass between July 4th – July 19th -> MASS PASS available from Monday, June 29th
For Mass between July 20th – August 2nd -> MASS PASS available from Monday, July 13th

Saturday 6pm
Sunday 10am
Monday 6:30pm Oranmore
Tuesday 10:30am Oranmore
Wednesday 6:30pm
Thursday 10:30am Oranmore
Friday 6:30pm

While an effort will be made to facilitate requests, each Mass is limited to 50 participants and there will probably be a very high demand for MASS PASSES.
No more than 3 MASS PASSES can be booked by one person over the coming weeks.
Booked MASS PASSES will be available for collection at Oranmore and Maree Parish Offices during office hours.
A limited quota of MASS PASSES will be reserved for the families of those who are marking Month’s Minds and Anniversaries at a particular Mass.
One family member is asked to contact the Parish Secretary directly to arrange collection. ( / 091 388994)
This is an imperfect system for an imperfect situation but is the best that we can do. Your help in ensuring fairness, compassion and kindness is HUGELY appreciated. Please God, these systems and regulations will not be necessary for very long.

Diarmuid / Daniel